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Market size of real estate in India is US$ 180bn with the highest demand for Residential Space from these 8 cities- NCR, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, and Kolkata.
The Real Estate Companies in India are serving the people by offering solutions to all their property needs. If you are an investor or services provider for real estate companies, our rich real estate database can help you connect them directly.

Who can benefit from Real Estate Database?

  • Marketing agencies get benefited as they are involved in increasing the visibility of the project can use this real estate database list.
  • With effective advertising, pre-sale is often possible to gather maximum revenue.
  • Investment firms can also get benefited as they can become aware of the best option for investment available in this sector.
  • Agents and brokers often called as middlemen can also help in increasing sales as they are associated with the local clients.
  • Builders can contact all the intermediaries involved to get the maximum benefit.
  • Architects and interior designing companies can also get an advantage of this database.
  • Consultation firms that provide clients with the best realty options can become the intermediary and reduce the proximity between the customer and Construction Company or builder.