CEO & Founder database including LinkedIn profile

Get 2,35,342 CEO, Founders, Co-Founders, Directors, Owners, and top management 2018 updated database from India’s top 8 cities.

City Data count
Mumbai 69,384
Bangaluru 66,471
Delhi 36,108
Chennai 18,971
Pune 17,155
Hyderabad 15,540
Ahmedabad 6,395
Kolkata 5,318

Data field will be Email, first name, last name, description, LinkedIn Profile URL, job title, Company name, Website, Other emails, and city/State.

  • All email verified with no Nobounce
  • It’s 2018 updated, authenticated with no duplicated fake or repeated records with accuracy level 98%.
  • All data is with live website link and linked profile URL
  • Instantly downloadable database

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